5 benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

So, you’ve been thinking about hiring a virtual assistant but maybe you are wondering “What are the benefits?”.  Well read on and find out what 5 of those benefits are! And don’t get me wrong there are WAY more than 5, but who has time to read more than that!

1. Collaboration and Teamwork

As an entrepreneur, you learn to manage and make decisions on your own, but wouldn’t it be nice to say “Hey, what do you think about this?”.  Well, that’s what you get with hiring a VA.  As a business owner you come up with all of these great ideas but that can get overwhelming and then you tend to avoid implementing any of them! Let’s end that and work together to bring those ideas to life.  Bringing on a teammate adds a different perspective and gives you time to do more of those great ideas.

2. No overhead

Ok, so you’re ready to hire a team member. But then you remember ALL THE THINGS an employee needs, a desk, a computer, WiFi, more space. Well not with a VA. A virtual assistant takes on all of those things herself! Best of both worlds, right!

3. No Taxes, No Insurance!

With an in-office employee you have to pay the tax withholding’s, state workers’ compensation, and a benefits package.⁣  But when you work with a Virtual Assistant, it means I’ll take care of all of the end-of-year tax requirements!  No added to-dos for you!

4. Nothing falls through the cracks

Investing in your business by bringing on a team member is the best investment you can make for every area of your life!  Now you have someone that cares as much about you and your business as you do.

No more emails that begin with, “Sorry it took me so long to get back to you”.

No more losing a client because it took you so long to get back to them.

All your client education and communication are suddenly on point.

What about the other vendors you worked along side— let’s send them a thank you note or tag them in your social media posts — just one more way to get a few referrals sent your way!

5. More Time

Time is something we can never get back once it’s gone and something we can’t buy more when it’s spent. Time is something I am so passionate about in my business.  So when it comes to family time and work time, I never want to not have that much needed family time. 

What could you accomplish if you had 5 more hours per week to work on business activities?  What if the work your VA accomplished each week freed up 10 hours per week for you? What does that look like for you?

  • Family time!  Being all in and not trying to do “just-one-more-thing” on your phone at the same time as you’re hanging out with them!
  • Oh hey, Date Night! We all know we need this now more than ever!
  • Lunch with that friend who has stopped asking because you’re always “too busy”.
  • Time to breathe and have one of those Netflix and PJ’s all day days you hear everyone talk about! (We recently got Netflix, so I totally understand this now!)

This is what is possible with a VA on your team!