Giving you back your time is my number one goal.  You should have the freedom to be doing what you love in your business – Not spending countless hours doing those needed, but time-consuming tasks.

Stop worrying about getting your website perfected or finishing those to-do’s!

I personally didn’t realize until I became a mom that I would want to stay home with our son, but I quickly realized life goes fast, and I didn’t want to miss any of those little moments.  But I also wanted to be able to do something for myself, and that’s when I pursued being a freelance website designer.  I love working with other small business owners and entrepreneurs, let’s work together so we can all love what we do while enjoying our family.

This is exactly why I started my business, and I can’t wait to help you.

It's nice to meet you!

Hey there, I’m Jordyn.

I love to help entrepreneurs, and small business owners design custom websites as well as tackle your time-consuming website tasks. I do this so you can get back to doing more of what you LOVE inside and outside of your business.  I’m a wife, a mama and I love a hot cup of coffee. Even though I’m busy being a mama, I find I also love to connect with entrepreneurs and small business owners.  I worked in the corporate world for over 6 years and did hair for 4 years (yep I went to cosmetology school!). Then, after we had our son, I went back to work but soon realized that being home with our son was where I belonged.

After some searching for how I could use my talents to help others, I found freelancing and Web Design. Getting back into the creative world has been a breath of fresh air. I have always loved design, whether that is hair, room decor, or graphics, so putting myself back into the creative world is exactly what I needed in this chapter of my life. 

When I am not helping tackle your to-do list or helping build a website you can find me at hanging out with my family at the “farm” (or ranch, whatever you want to call it, we call it home!)

I am a proud wife, mama to two, dog mama, and cow mama!

Are you curious if you pronounce my last name correctly? It is pronounced Brew-Lay (like the Creme Brulee dessert!)

This or That

listen or read

I love to read a good book, but these day's I'm more likely to be listening to an audible book while driving.

tea or coffee

Give me a hot cup of black coffee in the morning and I'm a happy girl!

country or pop

I love turning on pandora while I'm working, and it's always country!

heels or flats

Flip flops 100%

early bird or night owl

My eyes start to get heavy around 9 pm!

beer or wine

I'll take a Michelob Ultra, please.

I'd love to get to know you.

Come hang with me on Instagram @jordynbrulezva

Stop trying to do ALL THE THINGS

I’m here to help you.


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